Research And Articles Published In 2013

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Check out the list of articles and research published by during 2013.  If you have any favourites, or areas you’d like more coverage on, please let us know in the comments below.

Budget & Troika

Troika Reforms

Early Childhood Education

Unfair Tax For The Self-Employed

Water Charges

Effective Water Pricing Is Key To Ensuring Supply

Water Pricing In Europe

How The Irish Want To Be Charged For Water 

Income Distribution

Evidence On The Incentive To Work

The Minimum Wage In Ireland  (top search on Google) 

Welfare Traps

Property Tax

The New Local Property Tax

Why Dubliners Should Pay More

U-Turn Needs Explanation

Public Sector Reform

Barriers to Outsourcing

EU Directives

Avoiding Costly Failures

Pension Reform

Limiting Pension Relief Targets In 2014

Valuation of Public And Private Sector Pensions

Imposing Limits Fairly


Average Length Of Stay In Irish Hospitals

Absenteeism In The HSE


Coillte’s Timber Harvesting Rights

Organ Donation – The Case For Opt Out

Getting Water Metering Right

Apps And Infographics

Where Do You Fit In?

Where Does Your Tax Go?

Budget 2014: Taxing The Old Reliables


We would like to thank you for all your support during the year.  We look forward to stimulating and informing the discussion in 2014..

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