Our goal is to promote better economic, social and environmental policies.

We do this by carrying out independent research and communicating the results to make it as easy as possible for interested citizens to understand the choices involved in addressing public policy issues and their implications.

We passionately believe in the value of evidence in helping to make the right policy choices. Evidence does not answer all the questions – some issues are ultimately matters for political decision – but there is much to be learned from experience in Ireland and elsewhere.

We are independent and have no party political view and are not aligned with any sectional interest.

When we began our work, the commitments in the EU/IMF Memorandum of Understanding governed Irish economic and social policy.

We paid particular attention to three areas where the Government was committed to raising significant amounts of revenue to close the gap between revenue and expenditure.

We also cover the issue of public sector reform.  If productivity in the public sector is increased, reductions in front line services will be less.  We devote particular attention to the reforms in the health service.

It is essential that the adjustments in the public finances are not only fair but seen to be fair. As a result we present evidence on the distribution of incomes in Ireland and the equity of individual policy choices.

How We Operate

We present the evidence as we find it, to help our readers come to an informed view on the issues.
Where we express an opinion, we set out the evidence to allow people make up their own minds as to whether or not they agree with our conclusion.

Public Policy, Independent Thinking on Public Decisions

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