When we began our work, the commitments in the EU/IMF Memorandum of Understanding governed Irish economic and social policy.
As a result we monitor the Troika Programme closely.

We pay particular attention to three areas where the Government is committed to raising significant amounts of revenue to close the gap between revenue and expenditure.

We also cover the issue of public sector reform.  If productivity in the public sector is increased, reductions in front line services will be less.  We devote particular attention to the reforms in the health service which has been the focus of detailed scrutiny by the Troika.

It is essential that the adjustments in the public finances are not only fair but seen to be fair. As a result we present evidence on the distribution of incomes in Ireland and the equity of individual policy choices.

All of these issues will still be relevant when Ireland exits the Troika Programme.

How We Operate

We present the evidence as we find it, to help our readers come to an informed view on the issues.
Where we express an opinion, we set out the evidence to allow people make up their own minds as to whether they agree with our conclusions.

We invite you to browse our research, and that of others which has been grouped along the following thematic areas:

Budget and Troika

Analyses of issues relating to Government revenues and expenditures, debts and deficits and facts, figures and updates to keep you informed.

Income Distribution

Here we review the evidence in relation to trends in income distribution in Ireland.

Pension Reform

Inadequate pensions, low coverage rates, and an aging population make our current pension system unsustainable. Ireland’s pension system need reform. How can we face up to these challenges? Find out here.

Property Tax

From 1 July 2013, a new Local Property Tax will replace the Household Charge. Examine the issues that arise in designing property taxation.

Water Policy

The Government has committed itself to bringing in domestic water charges. Browse the evidence on how this can best be achieved while protecting the less well off.

Public Sector Reform

Increasing public sector productivity can help lessen the impact of cuts on front-line services. Here we monitor the implementation of the Croke Park reforms, and examine other potential public sector reforms.


The Programme for Government 2011 contains a commitment to carry out major reform of the health service.  In this section we present key documents and evidence in relation to the health reform programme in Ireland.

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