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This section contains information on local government finances including property tax.

Local Authority Finances.com is an interactive web application aimed at making public policy data easier to consume and understand by members of the general public. The goal of Local Authority Finances.com is to allow users explore the various activities funded by Local Authorities, and to equip them with the necessary information to make informed decisions.


How Is Your Money Spent?

Find out how every local authority spends its money.  Publicpolicy.ie research into the sources of finance and expenditure released in the run up to the Local Elections on 23 May 2014.    Visit Local Authority Finances.com.

The Government Needs To Explain Why It’s Keeping 80% Of The Property Tax

The decision by Government not to adhere to previous commitments to allocate 80% of the yield from local property tax in 2014 to those areas in which the property is based is regrettable. The reverse in policy has not been explained satisfactorily.  Read more.

Local Property Tax: Variation By Local Authorities

Government has indicated that local authorities will have the power to vary the rate of local property tax in their areas from 2015. The scope for varying the rate of property tax varies significantly between local authority areas.  Read more. 

Property Tax – Why Dubliners Should Pay More

Some people have complained that the residential property tax, that is based on the market value of the property, will be unfair to Dubliners, because property values are higher there than elsewhere in Ireland.  Find out why we believe it is only fair that Dubliners pay more in property tax.

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